Marée signifies the tide of the ocean. The low tide usually takes something from the land and the high tide gives it back. Just like Marée takes something negative, like bullet casings and turns it into beautiful jewellery to give back.

The collection is handmade by Ammo Jewellery in Cambodia. Ammo Jewellery provides good working conditions like: fair payment, training, safety and the freedom to be creative. Their own designs are rewarded with a commission.

The material is made of melted bullet casings. These casings are collected from a shooting range in Cambodia. The recycled bullet casings are called yellow brass. The pin and butterfly back are made of pure silver incase of possible allergies.

2 IN 1
The jewellery tarnishes over time. Your piece of jewellery is alive. Over time fingerprints arise and the jewellery gets a golden matte look. Marée has an easy solution for the tarnished surface. With your order a silver polish cloth is enclosed, if you prefer a smooth look. In a blink of an eye your jewellery is like new!

All promotion and packaging material is compact and made of recycled cardboard. The ink is water based. So, no unnecessary waste.